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The four versions of Clients & Profits are designed to fit any creative business at different times of growth. Since all versions are completely upgradeable, it's difficult to outgrow Clients & Profits. The feature list compares the systems' key features on the various versions of Clients & Profits.

Interactive Feature Guide
Rich with detailed information on how specific pages in C&P work, including step-by-step instructions, links to tutorials, training classroom videos, and a multitude of other resources from the C&P support web site.

With so many features already available in Clients & Profits (and more being added with each update) it's no wonder users of the program have a hard time keeping up. That's why we've started the Clients & Profits Featurecast.

Each week, we invite you to join hosts Phil Nigash and Cindy Westen as they explore the many features found in Clients & Profits that help you get to work. In addition to a highlighted feature, each 10-15 minute episode is loaded with questions from listeners of the show, and users of the program.

Got agency management or C&P questions for Phil & Cindy? Send them to and we'll read and answer them on the show. Don't be bashful - there really are no bad questions.

Listen to the latest C&P Featurecast below. And don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, so you'll never miss another show.


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Stay Current
Can't find a feature mentioned on the C&P Featurecast? Get the most current version of Clients & Profits from our Downloads page. Updates are FREE to current support subscribers. We're always working hard to make Clients & Profits better, so take advantage by downloading the most current version today.

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