System Requirements for the Clients & Profits Cloud

Specifications :

Desktop Computer/Laptop
Any late-model Mac/MacBook
Any late-model Windows PC

Mac OS 10.9 - 10.12
Windows 7/8/10

Disk Space (RAM) for the Clients & Profits Cloud desktop app
200mb (1 GB RAM)
200mb (1 GB RAM)
  Minimum Screen Resolution
1440 × 900
1440 × 900

Web Browser (for Jobr Mobile/Projectr web apps)
Safari 5/Chrome 21/Firefox 15 or later
Chrome 21/Firefox 15/IE8 or later

Note : Clients & Profits can run on older Macs and PCs, but may run slowly. MAINFRAME performance will vary based on your Internet speed, network congestion, and Wi-Fi reception.