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Hands-on demo FAQs

Where do I start? Jobs are heart of every agency, so start there. The Job Ticket window is a 360º dashboard that shows you a project's tasks, timelines, discussions, and a snapshot of its time, costs, and billings. That's where you'll open new jobs, build estimates, set deadlines, and update traffic.

How do I share it with other staff members? Anyone in the office can share the demo with you. Just forward that demo email you received from C&P Sales so they can set up the software on their computer or laptop. Choose one of the user accounts (see Setup > Users) for them to use first. Each staff member needs their own user account to connect to your database.

Can I try it on my iPad? Sure. Our project management web app, Jobr mobile, was configured with your site key automatically when you started the hands-on demo. To use Jobr Mobile on on iPad or Android tablet, open your web browser then type: https://[sitekey]

Our bookkeeper works from home. Can she try it too? Absolutely. Bookkeepers are power users, so they need the Clients & Profits desktop app. Have them follow these setup instructions, then log in with the user account "MG", which is an accounting user. They'll have access to all of the accounting and finance features and can add, edit, post, and print anything.

What happens to the things I enter after the demo ends?Since the demo database is just for evaluation, nothing you enter will be saved after 30 days. So you don't need to start setting up your real clients, vendors, open jobs, etc. That will happen in the Quick Start wizard once you've decided to use Clients & Profits.

Can I get more time? No, the demo databases automatically expire at one month.

We've tried it and want it. Can we start using it now with our own data? Yes. Just call Clients & Profits Sales, place your order, and you'll be emailed your permanent site key for your own MAINFRAME database. Then, you'll start a new database with that site key and begin the Quick Start -- an interview-based wizard that walks you step-by-step through setting up clients, vendors, open jobs, unpaid invoices, and beginning balances.

Setting up the hands-on demo

The C&P hands-on demo is yours for 30 days to explore, discover, and love. There's no limit to what you can do. A few minutes of setup and you're ready to go.

The hands-on demo is the real thing -- the complete Clients & Profits software. For the next month you'll have full, unlimited access to everything it does. Open jobs. Set deadlines. Build estimates. Define a creative brief. Get daily status reports. Track hours. Bill clients. And much more. You and your staff can explore every feature and function to learn how well it fits in your agency. So give it a good ride and you'll see how well it'll help you work.

About the demo database You'll be using an example database during your hands-on demo. This database has a small set of clients, jobs, and staff members as well as some sample purchase orders, vendor invoices, client invoices, and financial accounting entries. It has been created so that you don't have to set up anything on your own -- you can jump right into tracking jobs, estimates, traffic, time, expenses, and billing now. Everything you enter into the demo database will be cleared if you choose to use Clients & Profits and start your own database.

Here's how to get started:

1 Start by downloading the Clients & Profits desktop software, if you haven't done so already.

2 Open the Clients & Profits installer, then follow the prompts.

You'll now see the Login window, which connects you to your demo database in the cloud:

3 Click on the Database drop-down menu and choose MAINFRAME.

4 Enter your site key (e.g, DEMO1234W) from the email you received from Clients & Profits Sales. If you don't know your site key, call (800) 272-4488

5 Enter your initials as MGR, then click Connect.

A set of typical user accounts are included in your demo database. Each user account has different permissions that control what they can and can't do in Clients & Profits. The user account MGR is the standard system manager account, which can do everything. You can log in using different user accounts to experiment with how permissions apply to production staff, accounting staff, creatives, and management. None of the user accounts in the demo database have passwords.

Congratulations! You're now connected to your demo database in the cloud on the C&P MAINFRAME server.