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Meet the finest Clients & Profits ever made, freshly reinvented for the digital media agency.
We've designed a best-of-class desktop experience, paired it with tablet-optimized mobile app,
and moved your database to the cloud. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone -- plan, track, and manage
clients, projects, and money anywhere you work. It's agency management reimagined, from a
company with 25+ years of agency management know-how to get things done. Click. Tap. Done.

Jobs 360
    You know jobs are the heart of your agency. That's why jobs are the heart of Clients & Profits and always have been. If you know where you stand, you'll get the work done on time and make money. The new Jobs 360 Dashboard keeps you on track: Estimates, deadlines, timelines, tasks, to do's, discussions, assets, estimates -- and everything else about and money and time. It's simpler and faster to see what you need and skip what you don't. With Jobs 360 you'll never be out of the loop.

Traffic : Deadlines
    It's mission control for traffic. It's the nerve center of the job schedule. And it lets you totally dominate deadlines. The reinvented Traffic : Deadlines dashboard lets you master a job's production status, timeline, and calendar. It gives you total control over the work that's needed, who's doing the work, and when the work is due. Everything you do here syncs instantly with Jobr and the traffic reports, so the team never has to ask you "where are we on this job?" Sweet, indeed.

    Discuss, share, decide. That's homeBase, a collaboration manager for sharing, discussing and deciding everything that goes into a project. It's completely integrated with production, so when a job is opened its creative team, production staff, and even clients automatically join the discussions. Share ideas. Brainstorm. Upload files. Add deliverables. Come to decisions. homeBase organizes and curates the best comments to keep everyone focused on signal, not noise.

Creative Dashboard
    Here's the ultimate home page for anyone who works with jobs. The new Creative Dashboard puts your jobs, tasks, and deadlines front and center, in your face, right between your eyes: What's due today? Click. Who's talking about what? Click. What's coming up? What do I need to approve? What happens next? Click. Click. Click. You'll only see your own jobs, tasks, and to do's instead of the clutter you get from other traffic systems. And, the integrated Click Time Card tracks your hours as you work -- it's brilliantly simple.

Power Search
    Sometimes in life you have needles (i.e., a job you need from two years ago, but can't remember the name) and haystacks (i.e., the thousands of jobs the shop has done since forever ago). You could browse one-by-one to stumble across the errant job, but who's got that much time? You don't, and that's why there's Power Search. You can search for jobs using what little you know, then quick scan through the results to find what you need. You can even memorize your favorite searches.

The Clients & Profits cloud upgrade is the future of smart agency management.
Designed for creatives, but powered by numbers because numbers matter.

Your database, in the cloud. Available anywhere, anytime you need to get things done. Protected in a secret vault in an underground bunker within the secret lair of the C&P MAINFRAME. Nothing to back up, zero maintenance. We're on it, 24 hours a day.

Smart Timer
The clock's ticking. Track your time with a preloaded pop-up timer that follows you, and makes keeping time almost effortless, and forgetting to keep it almost impossible.

Click Time Card
Time is on your side. Your time card automatically lists all the tasks you're assigned to - with nothing to enter. Just click on the task, enter the hours and bam! - you're done.

Production Calendar
One day (week, or month) at a time. All open jobs and tasks with all deadlines across all clients (or customize to just those you work on). View by month, week or day. Publish as read-only to iCal or Google Calendar for staff to subscribe to.

New Job Checklist
Be prepared. No blanks to fill in later. The New Job Checklist supplies a defined set of steps (you can use the pre-loaded list or customize your own) that prevents a job from starting production until each step is marked as complete.

A Hybrid Desktop/Web App
The next-generation Clients & Profits is based on an innovative hybrid architecture that pairs the power and usability of desktop software with the flexibility and accessibility of a modern mobile app. It gives power users an expansive, customizable desktop experience but gives everyone else a clean, simple, browser-based web app for their day-to-day work. It's the best of both user experiences and exclusively in the Clients & Profits cloud upgrade.

Refreshed Reports
Numbers can be pretty, too. Every standard report in Clients & Profits has been redesigned for easy readability - with all your favorite reports able to be bookmarks then printed later without having to reenter the selections and options.

User Roles
Know your role(s). Predefined user roles, settings, and permissions make adding new staff members much less tedious. The pre-loaded parameters are based on standard agency job descriptions - and can be customized to fit yours. Get your people up and running (and productive) in a fraction of the time.
Presto! Client wants a new job now? It's insta-job easy: choose a client, name the job, then pick a template. Boom — the job is open and ready to go.

Creative Phases
Evolutionary. Jobs are split into creative phases to easily track time, costs, and deadlines based on the level of completion - and find where your bottlenecks are.

Client Project Pipeline
The Pipeline keeps clients in the loop. It arms your client status meetings for battle. There won't be a question you can't answer because everything they'd want to know about their projects is right there, front-and-center. Unlike a printed report, the Pipeline is interactive — it'll take whatever changes you throw at it. Go ahead, change anything. Whatever you do updates traffic in real-time.

AE Project Status
Acct execs everywhere love the Job Snapshot. Now there's more to love. This interactive report takes a snapshot of every job in progress and builds a Google Earth-like view of their client projects. Talk about being in-the-know, this is it.

Clip Notes
Stick it and click it. Tag jobs, POs, media plans, invoices, checks — just about anything — with a virtual sticky note. Clip notes carry on the conversation because they're shared with everyone who uses the C&P desktop app. It's collaboration without the clutter. And they never get lost.

Smart Lookups
Lookup lists now remember where you were and what you were doing. They can be moved around, resized, and memorized at your will. They want to help and it shows. They don't read your mind (yet) but it seems like it.

Reimagined User Experience
The UI is all new, bright and shiny. We think it's the most usable Clients & Profits ever. The windows are bigger and more information-rich but graphically fresher and cleaner. It takes fewer clicks to get work done. It's less code-y and number-y which makes it easier for new users. Things auto-complete so there's little to memorize. Windows remember when you moved them so really take advantage of big monitors.
Save it for later. Save it for reports you print often. Save it for jobs, for invoices, for anything you don't want to forget about.

How do you make something tedious into something fun? Prizes, of course! Here's how to get rewarded for keeping perfect time — and motivate others to do the same. Every week your timely time card is automatically entered into a drawing for amazingly creative prizes chosen by the crack C&P prize committee. Two winners are chosen at random. We take care of everything — free. Hey, you may already be a winner. But it's win-win for everyone.

Weekend and Holiday Upcharges
Working weekends and holidays? Cha-ching! Clients can be automatically uncharged 1.5X or 2X for all those rushed jobs.

One-click Time Approvals
The week's unapproved time is front-and-center in the redesigned Time Sheets window. It's grouped by staff member, so it's a e-z glance and a click to ok the hours for billing. Boom, done.

Missing Time Worksheet
Perfect timing. Review and approve multiple time sheets and expense reports by department - with one click. Staff members can be notified by email automatically if any problems with time entries are found. The Missing Time Worksheet compares planned hours with actual hours and highlights anything missing.

Shared Customized Reports
Sharing is caring. Any report in Clients & Profits can be tailored with fonts and styles then shared throughout the agency. There's nothing to install or configure. The customizations you make will appear automatically to everyone any time a staff member prints that report.

"We've been very fortunate in that we chose Clients & Profits as our agency's software." -- Maria Orsini, Cundari