Are Time Cards Evil?

[ 2 ] November 2, 2011 | Mark Robillard

This answer is, of course, yes. Undisputedly and unapologetically, but are they a necessary evil as well? 100% of creatives surveyed in 100% of the polls agreed that they notoriously hate filling them out because they see them as a waste of time. How about you? Are daily time cards a notorious waste of time? Or, a necessary evil?

How often do you do your time card?

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About Mark Robillard: Founder, Developer, and now ex-Creative Director. Started creating Clients & Profits in a Pacific Beach apartment in 1986. Since then, rarely spent a day not thinking, designing, or creating something new and (hopefully) better for it. Loves information architecture and Art-o-Mat. Obsesses over simplicity. Detests bad design, especially when it's his. Steve Jobs is his hero. View author profile.

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  1. Pete Gabany says:

    So, we got C&P over a decade ago and it didn’t automatically make us rich and famous. In fact it took our accountant to sit down and say, does this fancy, dancy program of yours tell you about everyones billing time? I called C&Ps guru of all things C&P, Brenda – who told me how to do it. When the Art Director showed a staggering 14% efficiency and one of our designers 68% efficiency, well it told us a few things.

    The art director is no longer here (and they don’t use C&P where he is now), but our now Sr Designer is still with us and ALWAYS leading the pack when it comes to billing efficiency – which makes us profitable. Amazing how that works. Thank you C&P

  2. Tamra Hutchings says:

    In the role of Marketing Coordinator, my challange is to get our team to acutally use the time card feature consistantly. The designers are diligent and fill it our regularly, the associates “don’t have time” to fill it out at all….unfortunalty.

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