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The Client Dashboard gives you a 360-degree view into your client accounts, including proposals, jobs, invoices, and payments.

Clients are the most essential part of your Clients & Profits database for one simple reason: A job ticket can't be opened without one. The client account maintains important details about your customers: name, contacts, address, telephone numbers, and balances. Clients & Profits can manage jobs, estimates, costs, and billings for hundreds of clients. In fact, there’s limit to the number of clients in your database. Every job ticket is opened for one client.

Every client has a unique account number or code (e.g., ABC), which identifies the client throughout the system. Everything you do (time sheets, POs, payables, journal entries) gets a client code, which is copied automatically from the job ticket. This makes it easy to print job lists, cost summaries, and profitability reports by client.

For better job tracking, you can have many clients from the same organization. A large corporate client, for example, might have 100 different departments or contacts who initiate jobs. Anyone who authorizes work can be added as a separate client account. When jobs are billed, the work from several different clients can be combined on one invoice -- and even billed to an entirely different client account.

Costs, billings, and the unbilled amount are tracked on the client’s job(s). Work in Progress reports are printed to subtotal by client, or printed for just one client or job. The unbilled amount on the client’s job is updated whenever costs or billings are posted. So you can analyze the client’s costs and billings anytime during the month.

Clients can be billed automatically, based on the costs on the job. When the cost is posted, both the cost and the billable amounts update the job ticket. So when it’s time to bill, the total unbilled amount -- or any part of it -- is quickly and accurately invoiced. Many different billing types and options are available to customize invoices for different clients.

Outstanding balances are tracked by client, so you’ll always know just who owes you money -- and for how long -- by printing client account aging reports from Snapshots. You can choose to age each invoice and subtotal by client, or just show totals for each client.

Any staff member can see client accounts if they have the right user permission; however, only AEs/PMs and power users can add, edit, or delete client accounts.

To see client accounts, choose My > Clients


• The client dashboard is a one-stop-shop for everything you want to know about a client account.
• Each client account has a contact list of people there you work with, everyone from an admin assistant to the CEO.
• Client accounts can be tagged as inactive if they haven’t done work for a while, but are still potential business.
• Clients can be categorized by AE, biz dev, and profit center.
• Each client can have multiple billing/shipping address, each with its own preset sales tax.
• A client account can have many sub-accounts (i.e., divisions), which can roll up together on selected reports.
• A standard creative team can be assigned to each client, which is copied to every new job.
• If you number jobs by client, their next job number is saved in the client’s Account Info tab.
• Each client can have a custom set of billing rates.
• Up to 3 sales taxes can be tracked for each client account.
• If you bill retainers, you can schedule a year’s worth of retainer billings for each client.
• Interactive alerts & emails can be pre-programmed to notify AEs when a job is opened, an invoice is saved, and when a payment is made.
• Propective leads can be added as client accounts and categorized by business potential (e.g., hot, curious, cold call).
• The optional client-side web app Projectr offers clients a live view into their open jobs, job status, and more.

The client dashboard is a one-stop-shop for everything you want to know about a client account. Clicking on a tab in the window drills down into:

— Contacts
— Proposals
— Projects
— Open Job Tickets
— Closed Jobs
— Invoices
— Call History

Customizable client/staff access privileges control who can see a client's jobs. They let certain users see a client's job tasks, while keeping out other users. If a user is given "no access" to a client, he or she can't see the job's tasks, estimates, costs, or billings. This option lets you define on a client-by-client basis just who can work with certain clients.

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