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Users : Permissions

Any staff member who will use Clients & Profits needs a user account. This account and its user permissions controls everything a staff member can — and can’t — do in the system.

Clients & Profits features a sophisticated user-based password system to keep your database secure

The system tracks who’s using the database based on user initials. Permissions to different parts of the system can be made available -- or disabled -- for individual users. This ability lets you limit what users can see, change, and print. There is virtually no limit to the quantity of users in your user list. Anyone who will ever use Clients & Profits, even just once — and including freelancers — must first be added as a C&P user.

To set up C&P users, choose Setup > Users : Permissions.


• Anyone who will ever use Clients & Profits, even just once, must first be added as a user.
• There are four user kinds: freelancers creatives, AEs/production manager/project managers, and power users.
• C&P Users are idenitified by their initials, same as the staff initials. This is also their login ID.
• Passwords can be created only by the system admin, owner/principal, or the user’s department manager/supervisor.
• Same login for the desktop app and, but different passwords.
• User permissions are organized by function: General, Menus, Production, Accounting/Finance.
• Custom interactive budget alerts warn users when are over-budget on a job task.
• System admin …
• Dept mgr/supervisor …
• When you add a new C&P user, a staff member file is created automatically (and vice-versa).
• User roles when adding a new C&P user …
• Freelancers …
• Users can customize some of the General settings themselves

Permissions are the foundation of your database’s security system. By carefully and thoughtfully assigning Permissions, you can provide users access to the things they need to see -- and keep them from seeing and working on things they shouldn’t.

Every user has his or her unique set of Permissions. This ability lets you tailor the system to a user’s special needs for information. For example, you can selectively give a user access to adding, editing, and deleting job tickets -- but prevent them from seeing costs.

You can provide access to specific menu commands, as needed. When a user doesn’t have access to a menu command, it appears dimmed and can’t be chosen. This prevents a user from working in some place they shouldn’t. For example, you can give a user access to Media, to add, change, and print media plans, but not Accounts Payable or the Checkbook.

Permissions are very flexible, so they can be changed at any time. The changes you make take affect the next time the user enters their initials in the Introduce Yourself window.

Any manager can change a user’s Permissions, including their password. Over 30 new user-based Permissions give system managers a greater ability to pick-and-choose just what a user can see and do. These new Permissions are not automatically enabled when you first install Clients & Profits. Instead, they need to be set individually for each user.

The Users file is different from Staff file. Users are people who can access Clients & Profits, while Staff members are the shop’s employees. They are usually identical, since most employees typically use C&P. Everyone who works for the company should be added as a staff member, while only those people who will use Clients & Profits should be added as “users.” Staff members and Clients & Profits users may have the same initials. Changing the user’s name or initials doesn’t update the staff information, and vice versa; if you change information in one window, you should change the other as well.

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