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As an independent business, we have the luxury of choosing our own beliefs and values in which to run our company. We do not have to report to investors, stockholders, banks, or corporate managers. We're only accountable to our ourselves and our clients. So here's what we believe:

WE BELIEVE IN PRODUCTIVITY  Making our users more efficient, effective, and useful is the core value at Clients & Profits. From R&D to Sales to the Helpdesk, everything we do is focused on making our clients more productive, profitable, and invaluable to their clients.

WE BELIEVE IN OPENNESS  We believe in giving straight, honest, and complete answers whether a client is evaluating Clients & Profits or just asking for help. That's why you'll find few web sites as complete and informative as ours. We don't hide our prices behind commission sales reps. And what's more open than a 60-day free trial?

WE BELIEVE IN FEEDBACK Clients & Profits improves every year because our clients speak and we listen. We believe constant improvement happens when clients know what they say matters. We don't just listen to feedback, we put it to work and make Clients & Profits better. And the better Clients & Profits gets, the more popular (and indispensable) it will be.

WE BELIEVE IN LEADERSHIP  As the leader in agency management software for Mac and Windows for over 20 years, we have a responsibility to develop and promote proven best practices, methodologies, and workflows for making agencies more efficient, productive and profitable. We apply these values to every new Clients & Profits upgrade. Where we innovate, others copy.

WE BELIEVE IN TECHNOLOGY  We believe having a state-of-the-art network infrastructure gives us a competitive advantage throughout our operation. Our investment in technology allows us to produce higher quality software -- and support it better -- with a better user experience, from the first installation to the most recent upgrade. It works for us, and it works for our clients.

WE BELIEVE IN HAVING A LIFE  As a creative business, we can't offer world-class support if our staff is overworked and overstressed. That's why we, as a company policy, do not require overtime and discourage staff members from taking work home. We believe they should fully commit themselves during working hours, then have a life outside the office. We intentionally overstaff our Helpdesk compared to other call centers for quicker response times, better quality answers, and for the sanity of our Helpdesk staff. We don't believe in meetings, either.

WE BELIEVE IN CREATIVITY We believe good communication -- whether it's advertising or design -- is an art form, and the the best advertising and design to be timeless and enduring. We are proud to help our users do their best work on behalf of their clients. When they succeed, Clients & Profits succeeds.

"Hands down, this Clients & Profits Helpdesk is the best of any support team." -- Kate Mistler, Fabiano Communications